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About me...


My little girl, my work, chilly weather, reading, and camping.



Peas, red lights, doing the dishes, and spiders.




In another life, I may have been a professional race car driver.


Being from the East Coast I often say "wuder" instead of "water."  


I am a lover of all animals big and small, except spiders, they freak me out. 


In the past twenty years of my photography career, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous photographers and instructors who have inspired me to achieve my own personal photography style. In 2001 I received my degree in Commercial Art Photography and moved from Pennsylvania to California to further my education and pursue my dream. 


I somehow got sidetracked and stuck behind a desk instead. But that all changed once my daughter arrived in 2011. Photographing each and every special and fleeting moment of her life inspired me to get back where I should have been all along. And I am honored to be able to capture those beautiful moments for you that will captivate your heart for years to come!


Blessings ~ Eliza

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