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Mother's Day Contest Winner Session (Finally!!!)

So, yes it is August and I am now just finally posting the images from our Mother's Day Contest Winner's session that was held in June. But I have good reason. Our lives have been turned upside down since July as my husband received a wonderful job opportunity in Southern Oregon so we jumped on it! We basically had three weeks to visit Oregon to find a home, pack our home in SoCal and be on our way so my hubby could start the first week in August.

So needless to say, life has been pretty chaotic. I am not settling into the groove and have made myself a little work station in our tiny two room temporary housing arrangement. You gotta make it work right?

So back in May we held a fabulous Mother's Day Contest. Betty, the random winner, received professional hair & makeup, a photo shoot with me and a fantastic goody bag filled with tons of great products from so many wonderful Ventura County merchants.

The day of the session was SO much fun. Betty brought along her sister to give opinions and advice and to offer support. Thanks to Ashly S. and Cherie O. who did Betty's hair and makeup. They were phenomenal!!! She looked stunning. We had such a blast picking out different looks for her to try. And Betty was a complete natural in front of the camera. Check out some of the shots from our session below.

And once again, a HUGE thank you to all of the vendors who participated and made this such a special day for one amazing Momma!

Cherie O. - Hairstylist

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