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A Beautiful Bond ~ World Breastfeeding Week

The bond between a mother and child can be seen no more vividly then during the beautiful act of breastfeeding. There seems to be so much controversy over this topic these days. When in my eyes, it is truly just a mother feeding and nurturing her hungry baby. This post is a bit delayed, but to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week which was last week.

I was thrilled when this goregous Mom of three wanted me to capture this special bonding time with her third and final child. And even more excited when she told me she would be honored for me to share these tender moments with her daughter. She mentioned she covered up with her first child but became an advocate for breastfeeding over time. How goregous are these girls?

I felt the same way when I first began breastfeeding my daughter. I would hide in public restrooms, sit in my car or try and force her to stay shielded under my nursing cover which she fought with all her might. I was lucky to find an amazing support system of new moms who made me realize it was OKAY to nurse and feed my baby when she was hungry. I didn't need to be ashamed about it. The support helped me become more comfortable feeding my daughter in public. I didn't put on a show and most times people didn't even realize what I was doing.

My hope is that all new mothers will realize if they can and if they want to breastfeed their child, that they should not be ashamed of doing so. Don't sit in a dirty bathroom or a hot car and inconvenience yourself and your baby. Just feed your precious baby where you are.

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